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This site was recently updated on:  March 20, 2013        (v28)


August 10, 2010  New Product Release

The Kryo Bot Product Line now includes a Liquid Helium Dewar Management Controller.  The KBHE provides monitoring and pressure building controls for LHe dewars.  This product is manufactured in the USA by KIC and sold directly by Wessington Cryogenics of the UK.  


The KNHE and the Nitrogen models are CE marked and have passed International Standards for safety and ergonomics.

September 27, 2010  New Product Release

The very reliable M50 has been released under the N model designation.  This recent revision includes several enhancement in packaging and performance. 


Most notably, the M50N delivers about 20% more liquefaction capacity in a smaller and exceptionally quieter enclosure:  64 dbA at 1 meter.

February 11, 2011  Somewhere at 15,000 feet ASL

A few weeks ago, an older LN2 generator located in a very remote facility experienced power outage problems.  Replacing the controls battery and reloading the software was all that was needed to get back to production.  Unfortunately this would take a few days to get there.


SOLUTION:  Go to the KIC FTP site and download the back-up program and start making LN2.  Congratulations, to our smart customers, Walter and Luis!

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February 15, 2013  NAVY Receives Two High Pressure GN2 Trailers

HPN2 Trailers #17 and #18 with flow capabilities of > 1-Ton per hour and blank-off pressures of 11,000 psig using the KIC cryogenic process.

A complete and transportable system that includes Diesel power and maintenance shop to provide High Pressure Nitrogen for Military and Oil Field applications.