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Legacy LN2 Auto-Transfer Systems

Local Dewar
1  LTS-2 with 20 liter storage
2  LTS-10A with 50 or 120 liter storage

3  OEM Specified Custom Systems

Satellite Dewar

1  OEM Specified Custom Dewar

2  Bio-Storage / C.R. Freezer

3  Lasers

4  SEM

5  SSD




5  SSD


1  Touch Screen

2  PLC

A Transfer System Consists of…..

1  Storage Dewar (LN2 from transfer line or dewar)
2  KIC Touch Screen Controls
3  The Customer’s Satellite dewar

4  Transfer Line connecting the two dewars


The Second Generation Kryo Bots will now replace the older legacy LTS-10A transfer Systems.  Support for the older systems will continue as trade-in options are currently available. 

Capabilities and functionally have been increased with the new models.  Please contact the KIC engineers for details and a free consultation.

What is a Kryo Bot ?

Kryo Bot LN2 Auto-Transfer Systems

A portable LN2 storage system for SEM and SSD applications.  Once filled with 120 liters of LN2, provides automatic filling to any target dewar.  Kryo Bots are the ultimate accessory for the KIC Liquid Nitrogen Generators.

And… for Helium Dewars