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Selecting a KIC LN2 Generator Model…..


There are two styles designated M for Modular and NL for the Fully Assembled industrial models.  The liquefiers shown on this page are arranged from the lowest to highest capacity starting from 15 liters per day to the 3 tons per month models.


Typically, the smaller units are designed for clean-room applications.  However there are capacity overlaps.  The standard offerings are:  20,  40, 50, 80, 100, 120, and 150 liters per day.  The KIC engineers can provide technical guidance towards application and capacity


                           …. the Right Model for the Application

M50N Clean Room Liquefier

M280 (40 lpd) Models in various laboratory configurations.  99.996% Purity Model on Right

M280 Split Type With Remote Compressors 

NL280 Industrial Model

Fully Assembled

Arrives Ready to Operate

NL84A Research Lab Liquefier